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Pari Mutuel

Pari mutuel is inseparable from Groupe Carrus’ history. A betting technique that leaves nothing to chance and a win-win deal for bettors and the horseracing world. Groupe Carrus has championed this form of betting: which has now traveled the world - since its inception over a century ago. The 2 billion tickets it issues through 25,000 outlets and 70,000 terminals, and the 300 racecourses it operates, make it the company that the other players in this business look up to.

Dedicated to horse racing

Through its commitment to developing pari-mutuel betting, Groupe Carrus has been serving the horseracing sector for over a century and plans to support its future expansion.
Mutual betting generates roughly 750 million a year, making a sizeable contribution to that growth, and ranking France among the world’s leading horseracing nations. Its ongoing partnership with France’s respected horseracing industry, in turn, has enabled Groupe Carrus to export the expertise and solutions that have driven its success, and thereby contribute to pari-mutuel development around the world. Groupe Carrus is a high-technology company that has developed its own central bet-management system, which interfaces with the PMU system and serves customers in France, Europe and Africa. Furthermore, Groupe Carrus operates the PMU commingling platform which enables French bettors to bet on International races and the international bettors to bet on French races.

Dedicated to bettors

Groupe Carrus is in direct contact with bettors through touch-screen self-service and other terminals in racecourses and downtown establishments. We know about bettors’ habits, expectations and concerns. We can see them preparing their bets, testing new strategies and asking for new information. And we are using this expertise to train customerservice staff, develop new computerbased solutions, improve terminal ergonomics, and optimize their efficiency and security. Handheld terminals and private lounges for intensive bettors are only two examples of the products and services that we are developing to support the pari-mutuel system’s future expansion. Reviving the singular theater-like aura that racecourses once had, and enabling bettors to use their expertise at their convenience on their private cell phones are the new issues we are looking at now.

Partner of the racing companies

CPM, stands for Compagnie du Pari mutuel, was established in 1888 and grew into Groupe Carrus’ historical core. It works side by side with race management companies by handling bets on 300 racecourses in France, Europe and Africa. CPM runs more than 25,000 outlets during the year’s 2,200 horseracing gatherings, making it the interface between horseracing companies and bettors.


The technology provider

PMC, Pari Mutuel Computing, branch of Carrus, develops secure physical products that it designs, manufactures and maintains, both in the gaming terminal sector and in digital video surveillance. Its objective is to continuously improve its product offering by listening to the needs expressed by its customers, performing a technology watch, and innovating. PMC has mastered the businesses of IT, electronics and mechanics, and it cultivates responsiveness, precision, inventiveness and involvement.


A family

Groupe Carrus’ history intertwines with the story of a family, and the determination that four generations have shared to develop the horseracing sector and negotiate every major shift alongside it. Albert Chauvin, André Carrus, Pierre and Jacques Carrus, and, now, Jerôme and Pierre-Antoine Carrus all rose to their day’s challenges, namely: the advent of mutual betting; taking it mainstream (when the PMU was founded and Tiercé created); developing racecourse services and the technology to run them; driving international expansion. Through its commitment to developing pari-mutuel betting, Groupe Carrus has been serving the horseracing sector for over a century and plans to support its future expansion.

A great French invention

March 5, 1865, Joseph Oller implements on the racetrack La Marche, the first car of the « agence des poules". It was a huge trailer, painted yellow, with large interior compartments including staff and equipment due under multiple operations sales tickets. In 1957 Andre Carrus developed with his sons Pierre and Jacques punch and tools, which will serve betters for over 30 years treating all the betting more quickly.

There are fewer than 1,000 French family companies older than 125 years. Groupe Carrus, a member of this exclusive club, has decided to mark the event with a special edition of its magazine, a limited edition comprising 125 iconic images revealing its past, its milieu, its many professions and its future... This kaleidoscopic insight serves to implicitly deliver the recipe for its longevity, founded on a number of timeless values: the fusion of the manufacturing and service industries at the heart of the leisure sector; constant innovation while true to its traditional values; the “Made in France” brand set to conquer the world and finally, family values in a sector where the family is still essential.

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